China Travel Marketing

China Travel Marketing

In 2014, 109 million Chinese traveled abroad.
Did you Chinese tourists spent well over $165 billion in 2014?

  • Chinese tourism and spending is booming YOY… Can your business/municipality/government benefit from increased tourism?
  • For the past 7 years, has been successfully been the designated
    as SEO marketing partner for Korean Tourism board to attract more Chinese
    tourists to Korea.

Why China tourists are important?

United Nations World Tourism Organization [UNWTO] declared in 2013 that China has largest group of outbound, overseas traveling citizens for tourism and pleasure.

China National Tourism Administration now announced that China for the first time, has reached a milestone of 100million outbound tourists from China yearly.

Its reported that during lunar new year 5 million+ Chinese tourists visit closeby neighboring countries such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan.

Work with to drive Chinese Tourism traffic with combination of online marketing campaign which consists of social media, search engines and mobile marketing. To learn about Chinese tourist monetization marketing plans, please contact us for further details.

China overseas tourism trend

Advenced Online Market Research

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