Market Research

Market Research Service

We provide you with key market intelligence by analyzing your competitors marketing output and help you to develop a winning online marketing strategy in China.

The purpose of market research is to help our clients keep their competitive edge and gain much needed insights when entering online market for the first time.       In addition we can help you determine the viability and level of demand for your products and services in china online marketplace through our detailed research report by our seasoned analysts.

Type A
Market Research Report

Market research report provides your company with real-time, on-point marketing insight to make your online marketing launch in China a success. Clients from various industries can gain knowledge about competitors and untapped marketing niches that can be exploited to yield maximum ROI in competitive China online marketing space.

  • Keyword analysis reports
  • Sizing up competitors
  • Customized marketing research report
    -Report length: 40~60 pages
    -Required time: 15~20 days

Advenced Online Market Research

Market Overview

-We perform Comparative analysis of your business with that of competitors.
and determine how well it will fare in Chinese market.
-Analyze traffic sources.
-Analyze incoming traffic from various platforms, social media, mobile, desktop etc.
-Compare your company with Top 6 competitors in China online marketing space.

Competitor Analysis

Reporting on strength and weaknesses of competitors in China marketing space
Mobile-friendliness reporting

China Search Engine Marketing

We recommend keywords that have PPC per-click value and have good monthly traffic potential.
SERP position tracking/ comparative reporting while analyzing competitor sites.
Suggest SEO strategy guidelines.

ePR & Social Display Competitive Analysis

-Study competitors social channels, media blog and marketing channels
-Database marketinga

Campaign KPI & Benchmarking

Recommend main key performance indicators
Initial testing & assessment phase
Performance benchmarkingre

Marketing Execution

Suggest overall marketing strategy and work plan given to client.

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Type B
Intelligence Market Report

If you are planning to enter Chinese online market, obtaining a China online market research is a prudent step, also a worthwhile investment for your company. Included in the service is the analysis of marketing channels in China and suggest how you can uncover yet to be discovered markets and customers.

What is covered in the report?

  1. Unique visitors and page views
  2. Traffic sources
  3. Channel & conversion rates
  4. General Target
  5. Conclusions
  6. Strategy (Action Plan)
  7. Appendix

Keep One Step Of Your Competitors In China Through Market Research Report

Target Traffic & Conversion Rate Monitoring

  1. Obtain information about competitors all traffic sources
  2. Analyze conversion rates from each traffic source
  3. Utilize Baidu Keyword Tool to determine traffic potential for each keyword.

Strategy (Action Plan)

  1. Search engine, online display, social media marketing viability analysis
  2. Comprehensively analyze Channel targeting, click through rates, keywords, required budget and come up with estimated total monthly marketing costs.

Behchmark Index

  1. Niche category potential customers analysis
  2. Niche conversion rate analysis

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