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China Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Format: Advertising targeting specific keywords in Chinese (We perform the keyword research on request). Everytime a qualified prospects clicks on the link and visits site, cost is incurred to the advertiser.

PPC Outlets & Key Search Engines In China


  • World’s largest Chinese language website & Chinese language search engine
  • #1 Search engine market share in china and average of 3.2 billion pageviews daily.

360 Hao Sou360 (Hao Sou)

  • Hao Sou is comparable To Yahoo in US, being the second largest search engine in market share in China.
  • Hao Sou is trailing growth next To Baidu. Hao Sou 360 is experiencing second largest growth in search engine usage and visitors in China currently.

Baidu & Hao Sou Marketing Consultation

Step 1

Advertising feasibility analysis
Keyword research, analysis and budgeting

Step 2

Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis
Keyword Designation

Step 3

Ad copy creation/ production
Ad setting, management in ad console

Step 4

Ad testing A & B conversion test, optimization
Conversion testing
Ad execution


Ad effectiveness analysis
Monthly reporting given to client

CHINA BAIDU/ Hao Sou PPC Advertising Prerequisites

  • Must have a landing page in Chinese Language (If you need one, we can develop a customized Chinese site for you.
  • YYour entity must have a business certificate application completed in Chinese. If your business isn’t currently registered, we can help you with the process general translation. If you are a medical business, public notarization is required. (Notary surcharges apply).
  • Chinese laws require display of business registrant number and the name of the business to match the number.
  • Contact information such as address, about us page and phone number must be in Chinese.

Display network


  • Baidu display network operates by interest and keyword targeting. Baidu has in its network, 6million partner site that display advertisements.
  • Baidu is one of the most cost effective solutions for advertising in Chinese language websites
  • Baidu CPC is by far the largest outlet for branding and marketing your brand in the biggest online advertising network in China.
24 Categories, 600,000 affiliated partner sites
  • Music
  • Network
  • Digital
  • SNS
  • Cars
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Blog
  • Education
  • Life
  • Travel
  • Portals
  • Game
  • Website
  • Medical
  • Real Estate
  • Sports
  • Arts
  • Jobs/careers
  • Computer
  • Women Fashion
  • Shopping
  • Investments
  • Novel

BDN Marketing Process

Step 1

Consultation, monthly/quarterly campaign cost estimates.

Step 2

Market analysis & competitor analysis.
Ad placement consultation.

Step 3

Banner creation for the Baidu display network.

Step 4

Ad execution.


Ad effectiveness analysis.
Monthly report/ad performance metrics sent to client.

Brand Advertising


  • Brand advertising on Baidu works by having your brand appear first page of search engine when potential customers search for a specific brand name or trademark.
  • Brand CPC on Baidu works by charging up the account with monthly minimums and then advertising until the balance reaches zero. Ads run 24/7.
  1. Corporate Name
  2. Brand logo

    Exposure for your brand logo.
    Maximizing your brand value in Baidu CPC ads.

  3. Brand introduction

    Introduction about company, brands and its products.

  4. Related links information
  5. Image banner

    Event and product information
    Visual impressions

Ex : Brand Advertising

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